Structural Repairs

Hamcock Industrial Access provides structural repair services for buidings, concreate structures, smoke stacks, industrial chimneys, and towers alongside their inspection & maintenance plans. Our experienced technicians, innovative techniques, and effective solutions help our clients renovate, restore, and repair worn-out structures like industrial smoke stacks.

From brick to concrete and steel to fiberglass, we can repair & restore a number of materials efficiently. Using rope access and rigging techniques, Hamcock Industrial Access performs structural repairs on smoke stacks that provide cost-effective solutions for plant owners & facility managers.

Hamcock Industrial Access has an extensive knowledge of what can go wrong with structures when left to deteriorate without repair. We work with our clients to evaluate the integrity & ability of their smoke stack, chimney, or tower, then engineer a custom solution that will repair and restore full structural integrity in a timely manner with minimal downtime. Our economical yet effective structural repair solutions help to avoid future failures by correcting deficiencies instead of covering them up.

During the repair process, we will inspect your structure for possible damages or deficiencies, accurately estimate repair or replacement costs, then custom design a repair plan to have your structure up to safety standards, building codes and regulations.

We provide the following structure repairs for buildings, smoke stacks & more:

  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Steel
  • Fiberglass
  • Components

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