Food & Beverage Industry

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Hamcock Industrial Access works closely with clients in Food & Beverage industries. Whether you’re producing juice or candy or are operating a commercial bakery, brewery or beverage processing plant, we tackle inspections, maintenance, cleaning & repairs for all of your tall or hard-to-access structures and stacks.


Hamcock Industrial Access provides both regular scheduled maintenance & preventive maintenance services to help improve production and reduce unplanned downtime. Our multicraft construction skills and advanced rope access techniques allow us to handle difficult tasks quickly and efficiently to save our customers both time and money.

Facility managers in the Food and Beverage industry turn to Industrial Access to provide exceptional service for their large industrial structures. We regularly perform:

  • Industrial chimney and smokestack sweeping & inspections
  • Concrete, Steel, FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer) structural inspections & repair
  • Ductwork & Breaching inspection and repair
  • Safety platform & Ladder installation, inspection and repair
  • Lighting and Lightning Protection installation, inspection and repair
  • Coatings, painting and surface reconditioning – scale & rust removal, surface and lining preparation
  • Oven Vent Stack cleaning and inspection
  • Silo inspection and repair
  • Vent Stack Vessel inspection and repair


Hamcock Industrial Access offers inspection, testing and preventative maintenance techniques including:

Hamcock Industrial Access also provides Non Destructive Testing (NDT) services to help determine the structural integrity of industrial chimneys, smokestacks, or Cement and Lime facility structures.  With NDT methods, we are able to test the strength and structural integrity of your structure without affecting usefulness or performance.

NDT methods include Ultrasonic Thickness (UT) Checking, Infrared Thermography, hardness tests for concrete and FRP structures, and Petrographic Testing. These methods are used to identify vulnerabilities and then create a repair or maintenance plan that will work to quickly remedy these situations before they turn into costly and time consuming problems.

Ultrasonic Thickness (UT) Checking – Hamcock Industrial Access technicians use UT meters to test for thinning of material from corrosion or erosion, to determine any unusual or excessive areas of wear that could compromise structural integrity and safety. We then recommend and prioritize corrective actions.

Infrared Thermography – Hamcock Industrial Access uses Infrared Thermography to help identify leakages of heat that may occur at welds, couplings, valves, junctions, or connections in structures, piping, ductwork, breaching or stack construction. Identifying & repairing these vulnerabilities early can prevent outages and plant shutdowns which can be more costly and time consuming.

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