Stack Painting and Coating

Stack Painting is a vital procedure for most industrial stacks. Since stacks tower above power plants, manufacturing facilities, and factories, industrial chimneys and smokestacks are vulnerable to corrosion and weathering. On occasion, these structures need to be repainted or coated to enhance their appearance and avert corrosion or deterioration. Prepping the surface of a smokestack and applying the best industrial coatings and paint requires a highly qualified contractor with the right skills and experience.


Hamcock Industrial Access offers quality painting, coating, and refinishing of industrial chimneys and smokestacks. High stacks, incinerator stacks, flare stacks, and high-heat stacks are no match for Hamcock Industrial Access. Our team will quickly assess, mobilise, and access the surface in need of painting, regardless of the height or structure. We work with specialised rope access equipment and a highly trained workforce ready for high angle & high heat painting projects.


We respect that clients require jobs to be completed on time, on the budget, and in line with the highest safety standards, and Hamcock Industrial Access specialises in these high angles, difficult-access projects. Make sure that the public looks at your facility and sees a well-maintained industrial chimney or smokestack, and not a deteriorating structure that has been ignored for years.

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