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Hamcock Industrial Access provides clients in the Manufacturing industry with preventive maintenance schedules to help improve production and prevent unplanned downtime. Utilizing our multicraft construction skills and advanced rope access methods, we help our clients tackle hard-to-reach repairs, installations, and cleanings quickly and efficiently to save both time and money.


We employ highly skilled & certified rope access technicians along with experienced engineers to create custom solutions for each unique manufacturing plant need. Our field teams work on accelerated schedules, up to 24/7, to ensure that repair & maintenance tasks are completed in a timely manner.  Because rope access methods are much less costly than conventional scaffolding access for high-angle work, we help clients keep repair costs low.


Hamcock Industrial Access’ team of rope access experts provides on-site plant maintenance & repair services for the Manufacturing industry. From project planning to management and execution, Manufacturing facilities turn to us for:

  • Concrete, Steel, FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer) structural inspection and repair
  • Ductwork & Breaching inspection and repair
  • Piping inspection & repair
  • Coatings, Painting, & Surface Reconditioning- including rust & scale removal and surface prep
  • Structural Steel repair & welding
  • Industrial Chimney & Smokestack sweeping and maintenance
  • Safety platforms, Ladders, Access Structures, and Lighting & Lightning Protection installation, inspection & repair

We offer a range of inspection, testing and preventative maintenance techniques that include:

Non Destructive Testing (NDT) – NDT methods test the strength and structural integrity of structures without affecting usefulness or performance. No physical material samples are taken so the structure is not damaged. These baseline measurements can be used with subsequent periodic results of structural characteristics such as the material’s surface hardness, density, and thickness to determine future repair or replacement expenditures. Ultrasonic Thickness (UT) Checking is a popular NDT method that uses UT meters to test for thinning of material. This helps spot corrosion or erosion that weakens structures. It also determines any unusual or excessive areas of wear that could compromise structural integrity and safety.


Infrared Thermography- Infrared Thermography is used to spot leakages of heat through welds, couplings, valves or junctions & connections within structures, piping, ductwork, breaching or stack construction. Identifying these vulnerabilities early allows us to stay ahead of breakdowns and outages by addressing weak spots before they turn into larger issues.

Our team specializes in performing tasks for structures that are unique to certain types of manufacturing facilities including:

  • Assembly Plants
  • Automotive Parts Factories
  • Canneries & Food Production Factories
  • Chemical Plants
  • Plastics plants
  • Lumber Mills & Saw Mills
  • Stamping Mills
  • Textile & Clothing Mills
  • Armories
  • Cotton Mills
  • Iron Foundries
  • Steel Mills
  • Rolling Mills

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