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Hamcock Industrial Access specialises in industrial abseiling and climbing techniques. Combined with traditional methods, we achieve total access to high rise structures. With experience in the industry since 2009, Hamcock Industrial Access has established a rock solid reputation of professionalism, workmanship, safety and cost-effectiveness. Rope access is offered in complement to scaffolding and cradles. Hamcock Height Solutions tailors the best solution for each site, using a combination of methods to ensure the job is done with maximum efficiency. Specialised rigging techniques are used to gain flexible and quick access to any difficult-to-reach site. Access is provided by the use of ropes, harnesses and rope adjustment devices and techniques adapted from the latest mountaineering innovations.


Hamcock Industrial Access has perfected rope access techniques & methods, making us a demonstrated leader at working at height. Our expertise includes rigging, electrical work, welding, cutting, patching, painting, waterproofing, coating, resurfacing, relining, maintenance, non-destructive testing (NDT), diagnostic testing, inspecting, cleaning processes, hydroblasting, demolition & replacing, and rebuilding or repairing structural components.


Each Hamcock Industrial Access project requires a custom designed solution that combines technology, technicians and engineers. Our rope access technicians are IRATA or RAFFA Certified and are skilled construction tradesmen capable of meeting very specific industrial needs.

Hamcock Industrial Access has established a strong reputation for quality, safety, and efficiency at a fair price. Our core competencies center on high quality, full-service inspections, general maintenance initiatives, and complete interior/exterior restoration and repair services for concrete, masonry, steel and fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) structures, towers, and industrial chimneys & stacks.


We focus on dependability & efficiency, with years of industry experience & expertise as our strength. Industrial Access’s team of highly skilled tradesmen constantly demonstrate their ability to tackle complex projects under tough conditions. During each job, our crew plans the project thoroughly, then executes the work carefully and quickly to save the client time and money.

Hamcock Industrial Access is proud to have a dedicated team of proficient and experienced technicians and engineers who are able to complete any task required of them. From industrial chimney climbing inspections and smokestack painting & surfacing to structural repairs & demolition, clients across a number of industries call on us to tackle a broad range of projects.

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