Lightning Protection for Structures

Protecting your tall structures against lightning damage is must for facilities with industrial chimneys, smokestacks, towers, or silos. A lightning protection system should be installed to shield and divert lightning strikes which can cause complete or partial loss of a building and its contents due to fire and structural damage. A devastating lightning strike can also cause structural and electrical damage, which can result in stalled production or plant shut-down.

A single lightning strike can pack up to 100 million volts of electricity and hit a structure with the force comparable to that of a small nuclear reactor. In fact, lightning has been known to tear off roofs of buildings, rupture concrete & brick walls or structures, and ignite deadly fires which could lead to property loss.

Hamcock Industrial Access is able to install lightning protection on both existing buildings & new construction. Since an improperly installed lightning protection system can be more dangerous than no lightning protection at all, it’s best to speak with our highly trained professionals who have access to the proper tools and knowledge of codes & regulations.

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