Aviation Warning Light System Installation & Maintenance

Aviation Warning Lights are important regulatory requirements for all structures. According to the South African Civil Aviation regulations , any communications structure, building or other structure, whether temporary or permanent, which has the potential to endanger aviation in navigable airspace, or has the potential to interfere with the operation of navigation or surveillance systems or Instrument Landing Systems, including meteorological systems for aeronautical purposes, is considered an obstacle and is required to be properly marked with aviation warning lights. Tall structures like towers, industrial chimneys & smokestacks, and even wind turbines will need to adhere to minimum requirements in order to meet safety regulations.


The height of the structure is only one factor that must be considered when choosing how to place aviation warning lights. Structure diameter, weather, terrain, proximity to airports, and other considerations will ultimately determine the required obstruction lighting setup.


Hamcock Industrial Access can help establish the proper aviation warning light configuration to keep you up to code and within regulations. These warning systems require special attention as regulations continue to evolve. Since requirements may vary depending on your location, the type of structure, and environmental concerns, it’s best to consult with a professional that has specific knowledge of regulation & installation requirements.


Hamcock Industrial Access’ team of highly trained rope access technicians can quickly & efficiently install, maintain, and repair aviation warning lights on your tall structures or industrial chimneys.

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