Why should you inspect and service your smokestack (Industrial Chimney)?

Why should you service your smokestack?

An industrial chimney, also known as a smokestack is designed to be a strong structure that can withstand adverse conditions. The conditions in question are either physical or chemical.

Wind loading, corrosive acids, temperature fluctuations both inside and out, gas intrusion, or even lightning strikes can cause your smokestack’s structure to weaken. It is therefore in each maintenance manager or production manager’s interest to be sure that the plant’s smokestacks are safe.

In order to preserve your industrial chimneys and to extend their lifespan well above the design estimates, a well-planned inspection and maintenance regime needs to be followed.

Smokestack Inspection

Having regular and planned smokestack inspections will safeguard your plant from having a sudden “smokestack failure” with the resulting loss of production time. A smokestack failure is a costly incident that a production manager cannot afford to have.

An inspection regime functions as an early detection system.  It helps to ensure that you avoid a smokestack failure. Industrial chimney inspections are planned to help plant maintenance teams and operations managers to schedule those all-important and preventative repairs.

Smokestack Repairs

Since industrial chimneys can suffer structural damages. The following structural repairs are usually recommended after a thorough inspection;

  1. Cutting and welding steel smokestack walls.
  2. Changing blots at the flanges.
  3. Repairing weakening flange and other structural welds.
  4. Grit blasting off rust, old paint or coatings and then repainting.
  5. Repointing brick wall smokestacks.
  6. Hydro-blasting.
  7. Concrete repairs.

In conclusion, we stress the importance of having a regularly inspected and timely repaired smokestack. Failure to follow a properly planned and managed chimney inspection and repair process is detrimental to your production and a seriously unsafe act. Sooner or later the smokestack will give and cause you a lot of trouble.

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