Quick Silo Maintenance and Repair using Rope Access

Quick Silo Maintenance and Repair using Rope Access

What are Silos?

Silo Maintenance is an integral part of a Silo’s lifecycle. (from the Greek σιρός – siros, “pit for holding grain”) are bulk storage structures that are used in many industries today. Silos are used for the bulk storage of several products for example, mined or crushed ore, coal, dry chemicals, food products and even sawdust. Silos tend to increase productivity in processing plants since they can handle a huge amount of either the ingredients of the plant or even the product. This allows a continuous run of the plant without the worry of the storage space being used up.

Maintenance of silos is therefore very important. If a silo breaks down for any reason, it can result in loss since this may force the plant to go offline and stop production.

Types of Silos

There many types of silos in the market. The choice of which type to use is mainly determined by the required use of the silo.

Cement Storage Silos

There are different types of cement silos. There are low-level mobile silos with capacities that range from 20 to 75 tonnes. The other type is the Static Upright Cement Silo. This type can store more than 5000 MT. These are usually huge structures which tower most skylines of industrial areas.

Tower Silos

Tower silos are cylindrical structures, typically 3 to 27 m in diameter and 10 to 90 m in height with the slipform and Jumpform concrete silos being the larger diameter and taller silos. They can be made of many materials. Wood staves, concrete staves, cast concrete, and steel welded panels are all used and have varying cost, durability, and airtightness trade-offs. Silos can be unloaded into rail cars, trucks or conveyors

Concrete Stave Silos

Concrete stave silos are constructed from small precast concrete blocks with ridged grooves along each edge that locks them together into a high strength shell. Concrete is much stronger in compression than tension, so the silo is reinforced with steel hoops encircling the tower and compressing the staves into a tight ring. The vertical stacks are held together by the intermeshing of the ends of the staves by a short distance around the perimeter of each layer, and hoops which are tightened directly across the stave edges.

Why should you Maintain your Silo?

It’s general knowledge that every structure tends to degrade as time goes by. The operational processes and the weather elements always, unfortunately, ensure that every silo goes through wear and tear. This process happens in several ways;

  1. Rusting of the surface, while this tends to be an eyesore, it may cause greater loss of the silo, product or simply increase the cost of repair should the rusting be left to advance.
  2. Concrete degradation which weakens the integrity of the silo.
  3. Loosening of bolts, this also weakens the silo.
  4. Product build-up which reduces storage capacity and may cause complete blockage of the silo.
  5.  Rusting and loosening of the ladders.


The Hamcock Industrial Access Silo Maintenance Solution

We offer thorough inspection services to determine the condition of the entire structure and spot vulnerabilities that may require repair. We use suitable NDT test methods to identify problems before they become disasters.

Leaks should be repaired immediately to avert potential expensive disasters. Our Rope access crews are able to quick access and resolve these types of problems with minimal expense and little to no interruption to daily activities at the silo or storage unit. Whether the construction of the silo is steel, concrete, fibreglass or brick, choosing rope access for repair, inspection, or cleaning projects will provide significant cost savings over other methods of access like scaffolding.

Hamcock Industrial Access teams are also experienced in applying protective coats inside and on the exterior of the silo. Repairing worn out seals and waterproofing can go a long way in resolving potential silo disasters.

If you choose Hamcock Industrial Access for your silo inspection, cleaning and maintenance, it means that you will receive a detailed report with photographic documentation and cost effective solutions that will reduce the risk of contamination of your products, improve the storage capacity of your units, and eliminate blockages that can affect the effectiveness of your units.

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