The Inspection Scheme for Unlined or Un-insulated Smokestacks. How often you should have your smokestacks inspected.

Smokestacks, these majestic looking structures are a vital part of your company’s Health and Safety. Industrial chimneys ensure that your plan remains a safe working environment without the pungent and dangerous fumes from your boilers and industrial processes.

The idea behind smokestacks is that dilution. The flue gases are released at a sufficient enough height to diluted and quickly spread by the air currents. If however, a smokestack failure occurs, the dangerous gases will be released closer to the ground. This may result in respiratory disease to those working close-by. A smokestack failure may also mean the fall of the smokestack with fatal results.

Industrial Smokestacks

Industrial Smokestacks

We at Hamcock HappyStacks! Recommend the following smokestack inspection regime;

Annual Smokestack Inspections

  • Cleaning out any flue deposits from the base of smokestack (can be completed by the smokestack owner).
  • Carrying out close visual examination over the complete surface of the external face of the shell.
  • Carrying out an ultra-sonic survey of smokestack shell in sufficient detail to allow any significant loss of section to be detected.
  • Tapping of all flange bolts & holding down bolts with a hammer to ‘sound’ for any evidence of cracking.
  • Checking torque settings on the flange and holding down bolts.

Any installed lightning protection system should be examined for compliance with current standards and carry out electrical tests for continuity and resistance to earth.

The 4 Yearly Industrial Chimney Inspection

  • All Annual inspection items should be done.
  • Removal of two bolts from each flange (or from most stressed flanges where adequate design drawings are available) for microscopic examination for defects. Bolts should then be tested for ultimate tensile failure for comparison against rated new bolts.

The 8 Yearly Smokestack Inspection

  • All Annual and 4 yearly items should be carried out.
  • The carry out an ultra-sonic survey on bolts securing stack to the foundation to determine the extent of any corrosion present.
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