Rope Access Anchor Point Installation, Testing & Tagging

Workers use Rope Access to access structures, geologic features, or other inaccessible locations that cannot be accessed by “normal” means. These rope access technicians pin their lives on these ropes as the primary means of support, positioning, and safety protection to ascend, descend, and traverse a location while suspended in a specially designed harness. Ropes are anchored to a surface and must support the worker, weight of the rope, and anything attached to the rope.

Rope Access personnel frequently use a variety of anchor types, and often use anchor bolts installed in concrete or rock. Using these anchors safely relies on the experience and judgment of a rope access technician for proper assembly and installation. Concrete anchor bolts have been studied extensively, but still they are one of the most mysterious forms of anchoring and, therefore, contain a certain amount of risk.


The strength and condition of the concrete some aging structures are unknown. It is therefore a requirement to test all anchor points before they are used.

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