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Looking to have banners or signage installed in a tricky location or at the top of a high-rise tower block? This isn’t a problem for Hamcock Industrial Access as we have all the right skills and equipment to carry works out on the tallest of buildings.


Working at height is extremely dangerous without the correct training and equipment. One should never attempt it unless they are qualified and have the correct safety equipment. One wrong move is enough to cause death. If you don’t have anybody who can perform rope access works, it’s sensible to invest in Hamcock Industrial Access’s services. We are capable of installing signs almost anywhere. If for whatever reason, you’re trying to install a banner across the Nelson Mandela Bridge, we can install it for you safely, so you don’t have to worry about it. We will work quickly and efficiently to get the banner installed, and will endeavor to complete a task within any reasonable deadline (we’ll try the less reasonable ones too — anything is possible).


Banner installation on buildings using rope access is cheaper than using traditional ladders, scaffolding or lifts as at great height, the operational costs increase. You need a lot of costly scaffolding to reach a tall bridge, whereas all we need is a rope, harnesses and the rest of the safety equipment that we use.

It’s not just bridges we can install on. Our High Rise Rope Access Technicians can work on any tall building structure, so long there’s something to hang the banner on to!

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